Library Resources

UL Library

Victor de Sá Library was inaugurated in 1994 honouring the name o the first General Librarian of Lusófona University. Today, the Library has a significant collection of 78000 documents on paper and access to many scientific databases, constantly updating and contemplating the various areas of knowledge, organized thematically.

LUCA Library

The library of LUCA School of Arts is a scientific library, the collection of which specializes in visual arts and design, audiovisual arts, music, drama, product and interior design and construction technology. Within her field our library probably has the richest collection in the country.

TLU Library

The Tallinn University Academic Library includes the Research Library and the Study Centre. With its more than 2.6 million information entities and extensive electronic resources, the Academic Library supports the acquisition of high-quality education.

IADT Library

IADT Library offers a wide range of seamless, high-quality integrated information services. We are committed to supporting students, researchers and staff on their journey of learning, teaching and discovery.